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JANUARY 25TH, 2015
A new patch has become available! This includes new lands, and a crapload of new species! get out there, explore, claim lands, make enemies, make babies, idc. Do whatever it is you guys do. <3




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Jan 26 2015, 12:23 AM
Click the mini banner to be taken to the large, full sized one!

Jan 26 2015, 12:02 AM
Ignus gazed below, resting for but a moment. The children were happy now as Aura brought summer upon them, sun gentle and wind comforting. He looked about the rest of the world, held back by the great ice wall in the south from the catastrophe of Mare and Nex's powerful battles. A new flame burned within him: could he not set his children free? Few had attempted their own release by scaling it, and many of them had failed.

Nex slinked in, as if drawn by the rebellious emotions of the stallion. He knew when his fires burned devious, and Nex's calculated appearances had done well thus far. "What are you thinking of, friend? I can smell the smoke from the Expanse." His head was cocked as he approached, hiding the pure curiosity that sparked within his fur.

Ignus turned to face the god of discord. If Nex had appeared from his thoughts, then they may not be in the Tundra's best interest. He and Nex shared the love of freedom, however the dark god tended to put some taint into it. Ignus snorted, stomping a single hoof. "The ice wall to the south needs to be abolished. There's no reason for these children to be trapped." It appeared as though Ignus placed the blame on Nex, even though Mare had a hand in its creation.

Nex felt the flames of Ignus' glare burn upon him, and Nex flattened his ears against his skull. "My dear companion, it was not as if I had planned the wall to form. You know how harsh the winter is; those energies need to go somewhere." He chuckled at nothing in particular. "The most logical place for it to go is the south. It's warmer and so it makes the energy fight to exist." Nex licked his chops at the proposal. "Are you sure that's the best idea, Ignus? It's very different out there." The panther knew the stallion could not back down from a challange, and he had put just the right spin on it to make it sound so.

Ignus snorted and shook his head in defiance of Nex. "You think they will not survive? Look at them! They've survived your chaos!" He charged forward at the panther, eyes an inferno. He stopped on a heartbeat, dreadfully close. "They have survived because of us. They do not deserve to be trapped because of us. Because of you." Ignus knew well Nex's taunts, and he would need to be a little more sneaky if he wished to egg him on. Ignus was not sure of Nex's opinion, but he could not see how releasing the inhabitants would be in his favor. To his knowledge, Nex had not raised a decisive force as of yet.

Nex backpedaled quickly at the inferno god's charge, expecting such a maneuver. Still, the intense stare of Ignus burned into him, singing his thoughts. "Y-yes, of course." He managed to cough out, one paw hanging in the air as if to defend himself. "If it's what you believe the kiddos deserve, then why not? Would it not be easier to maintain them if they were reintroduced to the kingdom?" Regaining some of his composure, Nex's sly grin returned. "Free them, Ignus, for only you can." Aura's warmth would serve well in this situation, unknowingly playing to chaos' cause.

Ignus snorted, smoke streaming from his nostrils. It appeared as thought Nex was for the wall falling. There was no telling if Nex would allow the wall to stay down or not once winter arrived again. Ignus would need as much momentum as possible to swiftly accomplish his task. "It will be done, but not because you wish it so, Nex." The stallion snorted one more time, blowing flames dangerously close to Nex's own nose.

"Of course. You have your own free will, Ignus." Nex smiled handsomely, standing stubbornly to Ignus, but at the same time supporting Ignus in his effort. "I'd assist you, if only I had the ability to do so." He did not allow Ignus to retort to his meager offer of help. Instead, he was into the shadows and gone in the next instant, back to the Expanse to watch the event that was about to unfold, and the chaos it would inevitably bring.

The stallion sneered at the disappearance of the god of discord. Of course he would leave the work horse to complete the task. A part of him tried to convince him to stop and give the notion more thought, but that wouldn't be very much like himself. The Firelands burned much hotter in that moment, and Ignus sped off. He gave one mighty jump before disappearing into a pool of lava.

What appeared to be a meteor fell from the sky at a rapid speed towards the wall of ice in the south. The ground quaked as it made contact with the wall, fire catching the nearby trees. Their warmth would help little towards Ignus' ultimate goal, and he had little time before he would have to return to his plane to rest. Quickly the god of fire chiseled and burned his way through the ice wall with flame and hoof. Creatures watched on for hours at the mystical sight and sound of the god making swift progress through the wall. Cracks began to form in the wall when Ignus appeared suddenly at the entrance of the tunnel he had originally made. The area was increasing in temperature, causing the inhabitants to back away. "Tundra! I bid you be free!" He neighed, hooves high in the air. Upon their dramatic thud back to the ground, streams of fire emerged from the ground, flying up and surrounding the wall. The cracks fractured the wall to pieces as what was left melted to the ground. Steam rose around Ignus, his eyes showing fatigue but his face showing the determination he had pulled from to destroy the wall. The flames died, and so Ignus began to fade. A few of the animals began to venture towards the boundary, many of them uncertain. "Be brave, and go. There's much more in the world for you, my children." He smiled particularly at the hybrids, for they were also his doing as well. His heart skipped a fiery beat that he had brought them to the world and now was giving them the world to make their own. Naught now but a puff of smoke, Ignus was returned to his plane, and the inhabitants of the Tundra were free.

[Written by Lazulel]
Dec 8 2014, 05:13 PM
There are currently 2 Gods up for audition due to the fact that there are not enough staff members to take them. Those two Gods are Nex and Ignus. We will be opening up those two characters to members to audition for. Please become as acquainted as possible with their bio before applying.

Please be advised that if you leave the site, fall inactive, or simply no longer wish to play the character if you do get them, they WILL be re-auditioned and given to another member. The characters do NOT belong to you and may NEVER be taken off site in any form or fashion. They are the property of Tundra.

To audition for a God, simply post one IC post with that God in any way you see fit, but it should capture their personality. Good luck! There is no time limit on this audition.
Dec 1 2014, 07:32 AM
    Woah. Oh holy fuck. It's finally here. The first Tundra site patch. And there's a bunch going on. If you haven't already, you need to check out a mass PM that went out to accompany when we came back on-line. That's going to be your key resource to get through all of the new information. Because it's a lot.

    First and foremost is the presence of new Gods. Gods are not exactly a new thing for Tundra lore if you were around for the original site, but if the Next Generation is your first time with us, then this may be a shock to your system. The Gods have brought with them massive amounts of new features to the tundra and there will be few who don't see the changes.

    One of those changes is the presence of magic. Magic is a whole system on it's own, and anyone can learn it. For a price. Orbs are now available in the store and you should look into the Magic Guide for further information on that front. While it will take some coinage, many of you have been stockpiling coins anyway.

    Secondly is the introduction of site specific species known as Messengers. These specific species are the link between the existing mortals and the astral planes of the Gods. Everyone gets the option to create one of these special species for free, and they come with some pretty sweet perks. Secondary messengers will become available in the shop or in the form of contest prizes in the future.

    You will also notice that there are 6 new lands. 5 of these lands are the lands of the Gods, and are clearly marked. Only Gods and Messengers can play in these lands. Posting in these lands with a traditional mortal character will result in the death of the character, because their bodies are unable to withstand the various strains of those astral planes. Long story short, don't post there unless it's with your messenger. HOWEVER there is a 6th board which now exists on the mortal plane. It is an alter in which your character can make sacrifices or tributes to a God of their choice. There is more information about favor of the Gods in the Gods Guide.

    On the subject of Gods, there are a total of 5 as you have already seen. 3 are already taken by staff members. The other two will be placed up for AUDITION to the general member population. That audition is also posted with the site changes and may be found here. Anyone may try out for either of them, but choose wisely. You may only audition for one at a time.

    There are several other changes that have come to the site with this patch. These are things that we've observed and discussed at length as a staff team, as well as received input from you, the members.
      * There has been a thread cap placed of 4 threads per character at one time. If you are currently over that limit, you will be allowed to finish those threads out. If you are at your limit and a thread falls inactive (14 days of no reply), or a member has left, please feel free to notify a staff member to close the thread, therefore opening up a slot for you.

      * There is now a cap of total characters of 10. Please plan your characters accordingly.

      * 2 new mutations have been included into the store. They are Gem Growth and Sleipnir.

      * Wolves and foxes have received a size boost to meet the demands of other species. All wolf and fox characters are allowed UP TO a 25% boost from their current size. If you need help with the percentages, please contact Riley.

      * As there seemed to be some confusion before, an official rule has been added. Alphas of a clan are allowed to enter any thread that is taking place in their lands. Most don't, but it's their lands and they need to police it.

      * Non-listed species as characters has now become a store item. If you want a species that is NOT listed or is a hybrid that includes species that are not listed, you must purchase the item. There are two separate items: One for full blooded "base" foreign species/totally foreign hybrids, and one for hybrids that have only partial blood of foreign species. Your foreign species still needs approval from the staff team and must be able to survive in the tundra. Cubs that are born on site as a result of foreign species breeding do not need to purchase an item.

      * We will no longer be allowing rule breaking to slide as we have in the past. It is HIGHLY recommended that you refresh yourself on the rules, particularly after this patch. Not much has changed, and you MUST be familiar with the rules.

      * The number of threads required to breed has been reduced from 4 to 2. Impatience has been removed from the store. This is in an attempt to encourage characters to breed.

      * The Crystal Caves are no longer claimable and will remain as open Loner lands due to the presence of the Alter.
    We understand that there is a lot going on, and there are going to be a ton of questions. Please feel free to ask anything you're curious over. Please be sure to also consult the PM that was sent out to you for anything that may not have been linked here, or look at the FAQ which will be updated as we go along.

    We ask for your patience in the next week as we sort out any bugs in the system that we may not have caught before hand. As with any major change, there are bugs that we're not going to know about until it's put in action. While we do not expect the site to go down to fix any of these repairs, we beg for your patience. We've worked hard to put all of this information together.

    We hope you enjoy this changes as much as we are.
      As always, with much love,
      Riley, Afanc, and Lazulel
Nov 27 2014, 12:55 PM
A Clan leader may choose to pick a god for their clan to worship. Even if you're not in a Clan, or you're in a Clan that allows you free will over your choice, you may still choose a god for your character to worship. What this means is that your character will slowly build a relationship through offerings to the Altar or through their own actions. Keep in mind it works in all directions; one thing you offer to one god may lower the favor of another. Items may be found at random throughout the Tundra, or they can be purchased at the store. Choose wisely, as all gods have their benefits and drawbacks.


Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Species: Fox
Appearance: Click

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
Represents: Hunting, Water/Ice, Moon, Stars, Winter, Knowledge, Sea Creatures, Humility, Valor, Compassion, Friendship
Abilities: Water walking, Water Breathing, Ice Formation
Key Magic Fields: Elemental (Water/Ice), Arcane

Personality: Mare is a compassionate individual who is seen as wise and quick witted. While at constant war with Nex for his eternal nights and vicious storms, Mare is a lover of the night and holds domain over both the moon and the stars. She has a disdain for anything but her winters and while she will reside in the cooler nights, she finds the other seasons too warm for her tastes. While she is truly caring and loving, she also posses a silver tongue and will turn it on her enemies. She is strongly opinionated.

    Nex - Negative
    Solum - Positive
    Ignus - Neutral
    Aura - Positive
Tributes to Gain Favor: Seashells, Sand, Carcasses, Coral, Fish, Driftwood, Crabs, Pelts, lilies,
Actions to Gain Favor: Complete a difficult hunt, doing something nice for someone that's self-sacrificial.

Tributes to Lose Favor: The bones of your enemies, blood, ash, bones, dead plants, bloodstones, moonstones
Actions to Lose Favor: Doing something hateful towards someone

Buffs: Increased hunting success, 1 hour of water breathing without magic
Curses: Decreased hunting success, Nightmares of drowning
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