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JANUARY 25TH, 2015
A new patch has become available! This includes new lands, and a crapload of new species! get out there, explore, claim lands, make enemies, make babies, idc. Do whatever it is you guys do. <3




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Location: Getting Elren back up and running
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Quote/Words: "Big suprises come in small packages, you know."
Species: Wolf x Deer x Eagle x Tiger
Character's Pronouns: she/she's/her/hers
OOC name: Mirko
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Joined: 6-December 14
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Feb 1 2015, 01:49 PM
((I liked the idea of Laz posting a thread in which Ankita obtains her powers. If it's alright, I'd like to do the same thing. This thread is open and anyone can join.))

Yellow eyes fixed on the pebbly shore, Sage scanned the beach of the inlet for any interesting trinkets for which she could use to decorate her new camp. The tide receded and something shiny caught her eye. Ever curious, the small hybrid slowly walked over, her head tilted to the side. Once she was close enough, she could see rainbow hues shifting within the perfectly round orb. The energy surrounding the object made her skin crawl and her fur stand on end, but never less, she slowly extended a paw to touch the orb. The was a small clink as her unsheathed claws met the glass like surface. The hues within began to swirl faster and without warning, there was a blinding light and searing pain coursed through Sage's small body, causing her to collapse. Her vision turned blurry before going completely black.


After what seemed like an eternity, the winged hybrid woke up. She felt... different somehow. Stronger, almost. Compelled to observe her reflection, she gazed into a nearby tide pool and her jaw dropped open in shock. Little rainbow shards had embedded themselves into her wings, their colors constantly fading into different colors. She extended her wings and with a mighty flap, she took to the skies. Fog began to swirl around her and cleared with each wing flap. Eager to try out her new found powers, she landed and allowed the fog to conceal her once more before taking to the skies once more. This time, as the fog cleared, light rays were emitted from her wings and reflected off of the polished surface of her spikes. Once the light faded, Sage landed for the last time that day, a huge grin on her face. She felt like a god!
Jan 5 2015, 04:38 AM
After a brief rest from constructing her camp, Sage had decided to explore the neighboring territories, of which, she assumed, belonged to Murden. She stopped walking briefly to study a washed up carcass. It was rather decayed and had flies buzzing around the rotting flesh. Something within it drew her attention. A Narwal tusk! Sage grinned. A perfect decoration for her camp! Braving the stench, the winged wolf brushed meat fragments off if the white, spiriling tusk. The undersized hybrid pondered hat how she was going to get this 8ft long tooth back to The Island. There was no doubt that she'd need some help.
Dec 29 2014, 01:48 PM
Moral Alignment: Chaotic
Overview: They keep a high standard of loyalty and respect. Betrayal is a punishable crime. They take pride in their appearance, and attempt to keep good impressions among the outsiders, even if they have underlying motives. They are a sketchy bunch, mostly the ones that can prove themselves in a special skill. Laziness is not tolerated, which leads to them often training and gathering. They hold little to no morals. Rape is frowned upon and may come with consequences. Where as murdering with reason is fine. Force claiming is also something that practice. Males are allowed to be polygamists. Females are not unless proven of their worth [think ancient Aztecs].
Exclusions: Any that are 'light or good'
Pack Color: GOLD

Worship: Solum. However, members are allowed to worship who they please.

Lands: Triux Island, Narwhal Inlet

Rank List:

Ruler - Sage (played by Mirko)
The ruler is in charge of the entire clan. Her word is law. Failure to obey results in a firm punishment.
Co-Ruler - Open, 1
Sage's mate.

Beta - Open, 1
The assistant of the Ruler and Co-Ruler. In charge of the Gamma and General.
Gamma - Open, 1
In charge of the Hunters and Scavengers.
General - Open, 1
In charge of the Soldiers and Guards.
Solum's Messenger - Open, 1
Interprets Solum's wishes and commands. Goes with Sage to the Alter to oversee sacrifices.

Soldiers - Open, Unlimited
The power behind the clan. Provides the clan's defense and attack power.
Hunters - Open, Unlimited
Provide food for the clan.
Scavengers - Open, Unlimited
Their job is to scour the lands for any items of value that can be traded or sacrificed.
Guards - Open, Unlimited
Patrol the borders on a daily basis and report any activity to the Gamma, who then reports to the Co-Ruler or Sage, who then decides on a course of action. Two guards keep watch over the camp, two pairs of two comb through the island, while three pairs of two comb through the inlet during the night while everyone else is asleep. They are to chase off any intruders and bring any prospective members to the camp to talk with Sage. These duties are rotated daily or can be volunteered for.
Herbalists - Open, Unlimited
Creatures armed with the knowledge of the local plants and their medicinal value, who love to help others. They may also possess a Healing Orb. They can also offer advice to anyone who comes to them with relationship/family/emotional troubles.
Commoners - Open, Unlimited
The general, un ranked members of the clan. Usually help the ranked creatures with menial tasks.
Trainees - Open, Unlimited
Pups training to be given the rank of a Herbalist, Hunter, Guard, Scavenger, or Soldier. Under two years of age.
Youths - Open, Unlimited
Pups under a year old.
Elders - Open, Unlimited
Creatures who's age prohibits them from taking part in regular clan activities. Offer advice to the adults and tell stories to/play games with the youths and trainees. Can also be inflicted with a crippling handicap that cuts their career short.

Omegas - Open, Unlimited
The lowest of the low. Preform the tasks that no one else wants to do (cleaning up after a sick creature, retrieving the dead and injured from battlefields, cleaning up after the pups, etc.). Bullied by everyone, including the Youths.
Captives - Open, Unlimited
Intruders or POW's that are to be used as food for Solum. Also includes clan members that are serving a punishment for a crime that they committed. Bullied by everyone, including the Omegas.

Any Special Events: They will hold a clan feast once a month. They will hold a sacrifice every two months. Youths hold a graduation at 1 year to become trainees. Trainees hold a graduation to possibly become ranked at 2 years. They will hold training sessions every two months. marriages are celebrated ceremonies with sacrifices. The warriors are often involved in a special ritual war. The object is not to gain territory or kill the enemy, but to capture them as food for the gods. The people will be captured instead of killed, and then sacrificed.
Dec 27 2014, 10:56 AM
As in the March on Elren with Rhazar, Ankita, and Mirko, Sage and Rhazar reached a truce and formed an alliance. It was agreed upon that Sage is the new leader of Elren. Here, she is constructing the camp. Prospective members are free to join at this time as well.

Sage landed with a soft thud at the center of the island that she called home. She got to work immediately. She started with clearing brush and leaf litter from around her tree, forming a large circle. She then planned to seek out some decent sized boulders that she could use to make a wall. In the meantime, she could start by constructing a nursery. She found a group of four trees that had grown in close proximity to each other. She took to the skies and broke off some decent sized branches and returned to the ground. After a while, she had woven a tall, tight, weatherproof wall. Knowing that one of her members could possibly be just shy of around ten feet, she gathered smaller branches and began to weave the roof at ten and a half feet from the ground. Upon its completion, Sage was sore all over, but was proud of the hut-like structure that she had created. The other members, she decided, were free to weave hammocks, build their own little huts, or make dens among the roots of the trees. If they had wings like her, they of course, were allowed to build nests, but no higher than hers. She lifted off to her nest and began weaving two side walls and a back wall, as well as a roof to protect her from the elements. The branches above her somewhat helped, but her fur and feathers still got damp when it rained and was still covered in snow or frost when it was cold. Once she was done, she collapsed. She had maybe pushed it too far today. She heard a noise below. "Who's there?" she called.
Dec 7 2014, 01:14 AM
OOC Name: Mirko
Character Name: Sage

Age: 3 years
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Wolf x Tiger x Eagle x Deer
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 310Ibs

Coat Color: white and various shades of grey
Eye Color: yellow
Markings: http://s1383.photobucket.com/user/_Nichole...html?sort=3&o=7
Natural Mutations: *Feathers, retractable claws, *wings, *antlers
Other Mutations: *Glow, *spikes, *poison
* The dark grey markings glow and get brighter and more intense with anger or excitement and get dimmer when she’s scared or sad. They are always glowing regardless of time of day
* Three spikes that are a foot long each are placed on her shoulders and rump. Starting from the back of her neck, a row of spikes travel along her spine before ending in four two foot long spikes (two on each side).
* Appears as a teal liquid. Oozes from her teeth when she’s hungry, angry, upset, or scared. Side effects include numbness of legs, temporary burning sensation, dizziness, drowsiness, and bad headaches. Symptoms go away between 20 minutes to almost an hour depending on how deep the teeth went.
*Feathers are randomly scattered throughout her fur, but are highly concentrated along her spine, shoulders, and neck. There are small feathers mixed in with the fur on her face.
* Each wing is 6ft in length, giving her a total wingspan of 12ft.
* Standard deer antlers. Sheds them once a year. During this time she is extremely grumpy and has a low tolerance for everything.
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Strict- The disciplines she gives out are harsh, but she does it because she cares.
Trust issues- Due to her past, she has a hard time trusting females. If the female is a Wolf, forget it. She'll attack and try to kill them.
Stubborn- She hates being told what to do, and will respond to an order with a sassy remark or by a bite or a scratch.
Hard worker- Always working, whether it be hunting, gathering, or traveling.
No free time- Because of her work drive, she hardly makes time for herself.
Doesn't know love- Because of the previous things listed, she hasn't had time to dilly dally and flirt. But that could change. Could it? It'll take a pretty special male.
Loves exercise- She's considered by some to be an exercise addict.
Protective- Will defend her territory and loved ones with passion, even at the cost of her life.
Random- She's got a case of ADD and will say completely random things at random times.
Goofy- Can be funny without intentionally trying.
History: Sage’s history was not a cheery one. She was the only surviving hatching from her mother’s clutch of two. The other egg was pushed out of the nest by a jealous suitor, but before he could kill the hatchling in the second egg, Sage’s mother arrived and pecked him to death before shoving his mangled body over the nest, where a small group of starving bear tigers waited below, having traced the squawking and the strong scent of blood to the nest. There was yipping and howling, followed by the ripping of flesh and the gnashing of teeth as the famished creatures devoured the body, feathers, bones, and all. Because of that day, her mom was overprotective of her little one, not letting her play with her friends of go more than four feet from the nest. And as she got older, her mom would threaten and chase off any male she brought back. By Sage’s second birthday, Her mother had laid two more eggs. If she had gotten the chance, she would’ve shoved them out of the nest, as being around them unsettled her. Once her new half siblings arrived, Sage became aggressive towards them, growling and snapping whenever they came too close, which was quite often. Because of this, she had earned a few sharp pecks and long lectures from her mom. Sage just looked around and mumbled the words that she was throwing at her. Fed up with her family, the Eagle hybrid ignored her mother’s furious squawking from her mother, and took off from the nest in Triux Island before finding her way to Narwhal Inlet, where her father was waiting for her. Upon landing, she starting rattling off what all had happened to her. Furious that his mate had cheated on him, he told Sage to lead him to the nest. Once he was there, he unsheathed his claws and dragged his tiger hybrid body up to the nest, where he broke his mate’s wings and threw her over the edge of the nest. Sage’s half siblings were just returning from a hunting trip with their dad. Furious that his mate had been killed, her step dad killed her dad. Enraged, Sage slaughtered both her step dad and his children. She shoved the bodies over the edge for the scavengers and cleaned out the bloodied twigs and bedding and replaced it with fresh materials. She has been residing in that nest in a huge Spruce tree ever since. She plans to take over the local pack.
Family: Mom- Deer x Eagle- 6 years- dead- killed by Sage’s dad
Dad- Wolf x Tiger- 7 years- dead- killed by step dad
Step dad- Snow Leopard x Eagle x Deer- 4 years- dead- killed by Sage
Half sister- Snow Leopard x Eagle x Deer- 2 years- dead- killed by Sage
Half brother- Snow Leopard x Eagle x Deer- 2 years- dead- killed by Sage
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